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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 01:50:30 GMT 2009

> Sam, can you describe to me the steps taken to be able to copy a
node/way from one layer to another in JOSM? I've asked a couple times,

and no one has been able to tell me how to accomplish this task. The

closest answer so far has been to merge both layers.

BTW, how come sometimes the OSM download gets pulled in as a new

layer, and sometimes it ends up merged into the existing layer?



Maybe, :)
In JOSM when you go to download new OSM data, there is a a few check boxes
above where the option is to paste in the url link of where you want to grab
the data from.
""Data Sources and Types
-openstreetmap data
-Raw GPS data
-download as a new layer. (uncheck or check that box) if your dealing with
geobase.osm, you want to have the OSM data downloaded as a new layer. ..
this avoids accidental duplicate uploads of a big area.

(It's a good idea to get the latest version of JOSM, as more bugs have been

...instead of merging.... this is working in the finer details..

1 - select the GeoBase.OSM file layer.
2 - select all the ways that you want to import (zoom in to get as close as
possible) (only do a few at a time)
3 - select edit/copy
4 - select away from the selection
5 - select the Data Layer (OSM data)
6 - select edit/paste
7 - move the new copy into position
8 - review what it looks like
8 - upload the changes to OSM

The pasted way will show up a slight distance away from the origional (on
the other layer), you just need to drag the way into the right position.

Having the GPX layer also downloaded will help in aligning it.

This copies ALL of the tags on ALL of the ways/nodes selected.

Hope that helps.


On Saturday noon PST i'll see if i can book the room again, as it might be
worthwhile having a video conference.  Questions can be answered instantly
as apposed to waiting for the email.
I do have a rebuttal for Richard, just need to think it over 1st :)
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