[Talk-ca] What Google Copying?

James Ewen ve6srv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 03:45:20 GMT 2010

Perhaps we can find this vreimer another hobby.

I have seen his handy work in my area as well... as a matter of fact
he's just poked around the area within the last few hours... He's
screwed up some road names and other tagging in the area.


Here he's merged a township road and a range road, and another
township road, then split them... It makes the tagging all screwed up
for a number of the ways.

I don't see how this one individual can have intimate knowledge of so
many diverse areas of the country.

While adding material to the OSM database may be viewed by some as
constructive, adding information from copyrighted sources is
destructive. While we can't see a pattern in this users behaviour, it
is difficult to believe that the user is familiar with all of the
areas that he/she is editing.

Merging ways, and leaving behind a mess is indeed destructive. If this
were a new user that was just learning, and making tentative edits,
and causing small scale issues. It would be easy to believe that they
were doing the edits with the best intentions. We would attempt to
reign them in and educate them to help them learn the ropes.

This individual however is probably one of the most prolific users
I've run across, excepting the mass imports done by limited

Is there not some way to yank back on this user's chain and slow
him/her down a little? Let's at least find out what they are up to,
where the data is coming from, and maybe help educate them a little


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