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Is user xelloss on this list?

Any Edmonton mappers familiar with this structure?

Hi everyone, I'm Darren Ewaniuk, tag-name xelloss on OSM.
Thanks Richard and James for pointing me at talk-ca.

I poked through the archives, and as guessed earlier in the thread, that way is
part of a bus-only service road.  It is a westbound road leading from the new
South Campus bus/LRT station, across Belgravia road, joining with Fox Drive,
with the intent of providing faster bus service to the west end.

With the bus station, they designated a couple of the local roads as bus traffic only.

That route is new, and starts at 116 Street westbound, goes West at ground-level,
then over a newly-constructed 1-lane bridge, and once off the bridge it continues
Westbound going down to ground level on the other side, finally merging with the
Westbound lanes of Fox Drive NW.  The first (Eastern) portion (before the bridge)
was originally an access road to the University farm before they changed it to a

The specific way mentioned above is the portion from the West side of the bridge
down to the Fox Drive merge, and is ground-level or at least on built-up-ground
(coming off of the bridge bridge).

It is marked access=no (no public access), psv=designated (it is signed
at the entrance for bus traffic only, so public service vehicles only tag
should be appropriate), and oneway=yes since it is Westbound only.
The odd pink dashed marking of the road in mapnik is due to the
access=no,psv=designated tags (you can see that at the service road to the
bus terminal and on the access road east to 113 Street NW as well)

The misleading part of it is that I marked this level-ground portion as
layer=-1.  This was only so that when it merged with Fox Drive NW that
Fox Drive would take precedance for display purposes.
I have removed that tag to avoid confusion.

The bridge portion has bridge=yes and layer=1, which should be okay.
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