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On 8 March 2010 12:18, James Ewen <ve6srv at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is the common ground on tagging these things? I would guess that
> all these roads would get named Grandin Road, as the houses are all
> addressed as Grandin Road. I was thinking that the 4 lane section get
> bumped to tertiary as it is a collector road, and as such would be
> more important than just a plain residential road. The side roads
> could then stay as residential, or perhaps they would be better tagged
> at a lower level?

I would go for that. On UK occurrences of this I would possibly tag them as
service rather than residential, but it depends how wide/used the road is
(try to think if you saw it on it's own).

Later somebody (hopefully) will add the house numbers (using
and the houses will either be in a relation with the side/frontage
they are on, or they will be tagged with addr:street=Grandin Road and an
algorithm would pick the closest Grandin Road to the house number it wants.

Off-topic: The OSM map now has a "Shortlink" in the bottom right with
"Permalink" and you get something like http://osm.org/go/WPoaJWjUy- Which I
prefer over other link-shorteners in a mailing list because I can see it is
going to OSM rather than needing to trust you won't take be to some
virus-laden website. :o)

osm at livingwithdragons.com
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