[Talk-ca] Vancouver adds shoreline and building footprints to Open Data Catalogue

Pete Lypkie pete.lypkie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 09:17:46 GMT 2010

First, something I just saw today:


"The City has just added three new layers to the Open Data catalogue
in response to requests. They are Shorelines, Building Footprints, and
Web Cams. The shoreline data is from 2002 while the building
footprints are from 1999. They have been requested for comparative
purposes; clearly there have been many changes in downtown building
footprints since 1999 so these do not reflect the current reality."

And secondly, a big thanks to Sam Vekemans for helping a newbie (me)
get up and running.  After I had surfed a lot of wiki pages, Sam
answered all my remaining questions and also hooked me up with that
Toporama WMS layer for JOSM, which came in very handy when I wanted to
add a missing lake south of Penticton.

Thanks all, for contributing to such an awesome project.  I look
forward to getting more involved.  Please keep me in the loop if there
are any Vancouver-area meetups planned in the near future.

  - Pete Lypkie, username "doviende"
    Vancouver, BC

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