[Talk-ca] call for help, importing roads

jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 15 19:48:56 GMT 2010

I have been talking to Sam V. who mentioned that you guys are experts in
openjump for road importing.
before I dig too deep into this myself, let me ask if anyone can help me
with my current problem:

I have these files from a public domain source, projected into Lat/Lon


[image: [ ]] LL_Roads_OSM.dbf<http://xhema.flossk.org:8080/mapdata/03/MapAction/tpginc/LL_Roads_OSM.dbf>05-Mar-2010
07:48 53M  [image: [
07:48 143
  [image: [ ]]LL_Roads_OSM.shp<http://xhema.flossk.org:8080/mapdata/03/MapAction/tpginc/LL_Roads_OSM.shp>05-Mar-2010
35M  [image: [ ]]LL_Roads_OSM.shx<http://xhema.flossk.org:8080/mapdata/03/MapAction/tpginc/LL_Roads_OSM.shx>05-Mar-2010
They are from http://tpginc.net/gis/albania/albania.php

we would like to find the new roads that are not in OSM and import them.
Can anyone help? can you tell me exactly what software to install, I am a
bit confused my the many pages and broken links I found for jump.

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