[Talk-ca] State of the Map 2010

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 23:05:58 GMT 2010

That sounds like fun too :-)

Unfortunatly, it looks like i'll have to pass on that also :(

But, it does seem like time to try again for a Sidney, BC mapping party.
I can have tinychat.com open for remote attendence though. As it will
be great to share with everyone how to use Toporama WMS layers / osm
files that will be available from Vancouver/province of Ontario /
NRCan & all the cool toys we have :-)


On 3/15/10, simon at mungewell.org <simon at mungewell.org> wrote:
>> Yup, sounds like much fun!
>> Unfortunatly i wont be able to attend & make a europe trip this year out
>> of it.
>> There IS lots to report about from the Canadian front though.
> Can you make it to Calgary for the 9th/10th April for COSS-Fest 2010 and
> maybe an informal OSM gathering?
> We have Richard Weait and Stefan Steiniger speaking:
> http://www.cossfest.ca/schedule
> Simon.

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