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Adam Dunn dunnadam at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 20:19:19 GMT 2010

So far, I've got the LL_Roads2 files imported in PostgreSQL, and I've
written some functions to export them (modified from the NRN process on
wiki), but it's not working properly. Using pgAdmin on Linux, I can see what
data values there are, and their types:
gid serial NOT NULL,
id numeric,
"type" character varying(50),
category smallint,
cat2 smallint,
shape_leng numeric,
"name" character varying(30),
shape_le_1 numeric,
et_id integer,
the_geom geometry,

When I export this to shp and open in OpenJUMP, I can see that some of the
values aren't getting exported properly. gid doesn't seem to be exported at
all. id, type, shape_leng, shape_le_1, and the_geom all seem to be fine.
Unfortunately, category, cat2, and et_id are all coming up with the value 0,
even though they had other values in the original dataset. Name I can't
test, since it seems to be null in the original data.
Here's the function I'm using:

DROP TYPE albania_gov_data;
CREATE TYPE albania_gov_data AS (
  --Included all Albanian keys, since I don't know what they mean/which are
    gid integer,
    the_geom geometry,
    id numeric,
    way_type text,
    category smallint,
    cat2 smallint,
    shape_leng numeric,
    way_name text,
    shape_le_1 numeric,
    et_id integer

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION select_albania_gov_roadtile(coordinates text)
RETURNS SETOF albania_gov_data
AS $$
    SELECT gid,ST_Transform(the_geom,4326),id,"type", --might need 4191
rather than 4326
                category,cat2,shape_leng,"name",shape_le_1,et_id FROM


CREATE TYPE albania_osm_data AS (
    way geometry,
    osm_id integer,
    name text

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION select_albania_osm_roadtile(coordinates text)
RETURNS SETOF albania_osm_data
AS $$
    SELECT ST_Transform(way,4326),osm_id,substr(name,0,80) --might need 4191
rather than 4326
                FROM planet_osm_line WHERE
             AND ((highway is not null)
               OR (railway is not null)) --Albania appears to have railways
in gov_data

Anybody got any ideas?

On the data itself:
What is the difference between all the files on the ftp? There is LL_Roads,
LL_Roads2, LL_Roads_OSM, but a quick check in OpenJUMP, and they all look
the same.
For my test, I exported an area around Gjirokastra [
In this area, the id tag was only partially useful: In downtown Gjirokastra
(the densely roaded area that is not currently visible on OSM, but is approx
bounded by [http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/30455602] and [
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/36777258]) the id tag seemed to be
missing for roads. The id tag was only available in the outer (rural?)
areas. Shape_leng was mostly 0.0, except for about 20 roads at the south end
of Gjirokastra (out of 2479 roads), in which case it matched up with
shape_le_1. This data also includes Footpath as a type, along with the other
types I mentioned in my last email. A listing of all the different
ways/types/categories in this data would be nice to have.

The data is missing a gml file. This is necessary to run the geobase2osm.py
step. You could probably use ogr2ogr to do it, but you'd need proper id or
et_id, whichever would work better as a unique identifier (probably not id,
since it's not available in urban areas!).

I did get both the OSM data and the (I assume) government data into openjump
roadmatcher, so it would be possible to roadmatch with what I have, but not
very useful.


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Adam Dunn <dunnadam at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I was kind of hoping someone more knowledgeable in GIS programming
would've responded first for the following reasons: geobase2osm.py is an
integral part of the whole roadmatching process for Canada, and it's a very
Canadian-specific script (there are chunks of code that deal with naming of
major trunks on a province-by-province basis using if-else programming).
> Also, I don't have much experience programming GIS stuff. For example, the
Canadian way of doing this uses EPSG 3348 for projection [1]. I did some
Google searching, and it looks like you would want to use EPSG 4191 for the
Albania area (see [2]), but 2462 might also the one you want to use ([3],
although it looks like you get weird projected bounds with it). I don't know
why this reprojection is really even necessary. When you look at EPSG 3348
(the Canadian one), the projected bounds are really weird there as well, so
maybe it has to be done just to match up with NRN. If the Albania dataset is
already in Lat/Long and 4191 is in Lat/Long and OSM is in Lat/Long, maybe
you don't need to reproject at all? Someone with more GIS knowledge should
> You'll also want a script to automatically convert various attributes in
the shp file to tags that are used by OSM. For example, I opened up the
Roads_OSM.shp file in OpenJUMP (just the way it is, no changes or
reprojections or anything), and I see that one road has the following
> ID: 175879.0
> Type: Well-Kept Gravel Road
> Category: 2
> Cat2: 20
> Shape_Leng: 0.0
> Name:
> Shape_Le_1: 774.851
> ET_ID: 167693
> Most of these you probably won't care about, but Type: Well-Kept Gravel
Road should be converted to
> surface=gravel;
> and highway=unclassified or residential or track=* depending on what the
Category: 2 and Cat2: 20 mean.
> Another road has Type: Dwelling Area Road, which would probably be
> I've also seen Type: Village Road, Type: Railway, Type: Seasonal Road, and
Type: National Asphalted Road.
> You can see where geobase2osm.py makes similar mappings for Canada, by
looking at lines 63 to 77 in geobase2osm.py [4].
> None of the roads I sampled had names associated with them (even the
national highway, the name was blank). You'll probably have to match up road
names to the roads using one of the other data sets?
> I would like to help out more, but I'm afraid I don't have the experience.
I could lend a hand in modifying the SQL tables and geobase2osm.py, but I
would be of limited help there, and I haven't a clue how you would get road
names imported. You'll want more expertise help in getting the proper
> [1] http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/3348/
> [2] http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/4191/
> [3] http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/2462/
> [4]
> Adam
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:31 PM, Sam Vekemans <
acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> James is looking to use RoadMatcher, i know its on the wiki, but that
>> page needs to be fixed.
>> Would you be able to explain it?
>> Personally, i now favour tracing WMS, but for massive areas
>> RoadMatcher is the way to go :-)
>> Also, Robert (Bob) Shand from PEI is currently Itching to also learn
>> how its done.
>> Cheers,
>> Sam
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>> From: Michael Barabanov <michael.barabanov at gmail.com>
>> Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:13:39 -0700
>> Subject: Re: [Talk-ca] call for help, importing roads
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>> Sounds like you just need to convert SHP to OSM. Then you can upload from
>> JOSM. There's a script here (though I haven't tried it):
>> http://redmine.yellowbkpk.com/projects/list_files/geo
>> On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 12:48 PM, jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com <
>> jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I have been talking to Sam V. who mentioned that you guys are experts
>> > openjump for road importing.
>> > before I dig too deep into this myself, let me ask if anyone can help
>> > with my current problem:
>> >
>> > I have these files from a public domain source, projected into Lat/Lon
>> >
>> > http://xhema.flossk.org:8080/mapdata/03/MapAction/tpginc/
>> >
>> > [image: [ ]] LL_Roads_OSM.dbf<
>> > 07:48 53M  [image: [ ]]LL_Roads_OSM.prj<
07:48 143
>> >   [image: [ ]]LL_Roads_OSM.shp<
>> > 35M  [image: [ ]]LL_Roads_OSM.shx<
>> > 1.5M
>> > They are from http://tpginc.net/gis/albania/albania.php
>> >
>> > we would like to find the new roads that are not in OSM and import
>> > Can anyone help? can you tell me exactly what software to install, I am
>> > bit confused my the many pages and broken links I found for jump.
>> >
>> > thanks,
>> > mike
>> >
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