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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 03:41:39 GMT 2010

Hi all,
Im looking at the canvec feature of this (along with the others related)
147011* [image: Way] <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Elements#Way> Single
line watercourse None, non isolated, intermittent waterway=stream;
water=intermittent; name=*; fixme=Feature type and
148007* [image:
Watercourse, isolated, intermittent waterway=riverbank; water=intermittent,
the proposal page is here
and the canvec feature page is here

I worked on a sample here, just outside of Empress, Alberta (in
Saskatchewan) I just guessed on the landuse=meadow; natural=grass (someone
local can fix it) .. with photos.
But for the riverbank etc.

natural=water  (is standard to vaguely describe some type of water)
unfortunately we dont use natural=water;water=lake, but we DO use
natural=wetland ( with wetland=marsh for non-flowing water)
but water=river isn't used.   nor is natural=river used.   yet
waterway=stream is used.
So i think that waterway=tidal should be used, with natural=water.

So for the main river parts (the main waterflow area), i propose
natural=water; waterway=riverbank; name=*; source=*; attribution=* (if

then for the river banks (the sides where after a rainfall it's not
distinguishable, but in a drout it's a sand area & if left longer plan-life
would grow.   So the water level is 'intermittent'.  Hence the original
value of  water=intermittent,   so i propose
natural=wetland; name*; source=*; attribution=*(if needed)

As tagging it was "natural=wetland" where the polygon is directly inside the
"waterway=riverbank" ... makes this wetland flooded.  So i think it makes



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