[Talk-ca] First edit - how did I do?

Ian Bruseker ian.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 06:41:39 GMT 2010


So, after having known about OSM for a while, I have now jumped in and made
my first (non-trivial) edit.  I found a road that was just floating out in
nowhere, when I know for a fact that it does connect at both ends to other
roads.  I did some reading before I did it to figure out how to work JOSM,
so hopefully I did it technically correct.  But I also did some checking of
this list's archives and saw a few "hey, does anyone know who X is?  Because
he's messing up the map" sort of posts.  So, with that in mind, hello.  :-)
 If I mess up the map, now you know I'm here.  And second, before I change a
ton of roads in the area that are all floating in the middle of nowhere, I
wanted to run my work past more experienced mappers.  I'm not really a
"mapping guy" (yet), I'm more just a "hates incomplete data guy", so any
advice is welcome.  This is the changeset:


I connected the way at both ends, but then also combined that way, which
appears to have come from Geobase, to the same stretch of road to the south
but manually created by someone else, to create a single way.  That seemed
to make sense to me.  They are all one road after all.  And I also deleted a
second, shorter version of the exact same road, also apparently from

I have a question on precision:  The road actually has a boulevard down the
centre. It's not huge, but it would prevent a random u-turn by anything but
a 4x4 or someone who doesn't care about their car.  Should that road be
drawn as two one-way ways?  Maybe that's what the second copy of the road
was meant to represent, though it was failing miserably at it.

And finally, a question on customs:  The Geobase data gave the road's
quadrant as "South-west".  No one I've ever known would ever either write
that or type it into a search engine.  It would be just two letters, "SW".
 Is it appropriate for me to fix these names to be the correct local custom?
 A quick check seems to show that only the Geobase entities have it this
way.  Anything created by a human is done the two-letter way.

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