[Talk-ca] Canvec tile splitter 999x33 a to y 5x5 and/or put on adedicated API?

Daniel Begin jfd553 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 28 19:37:33 BST 2010

Hi Sam and all 

I'm wondering if the best tiling is a fixed number of tiles (5X5) or if it
should be defined as a maximum size of some type for a tile.  

Using JOSM/Canvec files, I worked in high density urban areas where a 4X8
tiling was almost insufficient.  For some rural areas, a 2X2 tiling was just
fine. A 5X5 tiling for Canvec is just an averaging of needed tiling value! 

Knowing an optimal size value for default JOSM configuration, we could tile
any type of data using a Quadtree algorithm


Let suppose the optimal tile size is 2M (the initial tile is the file)

For each tile:
  Is processed tile size < 2M?
  Yes: then there is no need for sub-tiling - stop processing the tile
  No : Split the processed tile 2X2 then repeat the process

You would end up with 1, 4, 12, 16 ... tiles having a file size < 2M with
some of the tiles covering 1/48, other 1/4 of the processed area!  Using
Canvec data, I would be surprised that tiling needs to go deeper than 8
levels (1/48) for some of the tile.

What would be this optimal size for JOSM? Kilobytes, nodes, feature? I don't
know!  Even the number of members in Relation seems to affect JOSM.

If we can find some hard facts to define it, this could be implemented as
the tiling algorithm.


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Hi all,
We are getting more progress on Vancouver Island, thanks to (haitelk)
who has just added in more wooded area. And the new CVRD data is in
the planning, discussing & sorting data phase. :-)

What we still need todo is make a tool that will automatically slice
the NTS tiles (canvec .osm files) into 25 pieces, so then a local area
mapper can easly take 1 square at a time & work with it, choosing the
data that they need to add in.

I think that OSmosis has this ability, has anyone varified this?
This will be of great help to everyone, as we are also using the
Toporama WMS layer to be tracing & using it for reference.

Otherwise, if we dont have the 1/25th tile area, its harder to ensure
that no 'bulk_implopping' happens where the user gets lazy and doesnt
bother to check the area 1st.

Since the 1/25th tile size is a standard JOSM working space, we would
(just about all of the time), have only 1 mapper is working at a time.
(even in the big cities, this size is managable).

Oh, this whole CanVec dataset would be great to host on a different
API, (like i talked about on my last message for OpenImportsMap does
anyone know if perhaps the devAPI would be a good place for it? Or
should we make a new one that is dedicated to wholesale imports?

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