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You got to drive the street car? Cool.
I'm living in Point Grey, Vancouver (a month until I leave Canada though)
and was planning to go on it just for a ride, and to check the route is on
OpenStreetMap(OSM). The only time I was down there I had my bike though, so
I just corrected the location of the station. http://osm.org/go/WJQrBqYv--

OpenStreetMap is a project that is mapping what we see on the ground today
(and keeping it up to date). So a railway track could be disused (some track
may remain, it may be filled in, or the strip of land may still be there),
in use (watch out, trains!), or proposed (under construction, or land being
prepared/kept for construction). Then you get various times of course. You
can see all the data people are adding using the tags mentioned on this
page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Railway

Please note that copyright laws are very important with OpenStreetMap. If
you are copying data from sources other than you going out and seeing it for
real, then you need to check who owns the copyright (who made the map or
image usually) and if they will let you add it to OSM (where it can be used
by anyone, even commercially for free). There are some cases where copyright
does not exist, I think 50 years after stuff was last published it becomes
public domain information (anyone can do what they like with it). When you
do add stuff to OSM, use the tag 'source' with a value that lets other
people know where you got it from.
This page might be useful, especially the last bit

There are some guides on how to edit OpenStreetMap. Although they aren't
always the best writing or up to date, so feel free to ask.

I remember someone in the UK making a historic map of the UK railways, but
I'm struggling to find it. I'm not sure how they did this, or how they
combined old data with OSM (there are a variety of possibilities). To do
this, how much developer knowledge/experience do you have? For the most
customisation then setting up a server is best, but on a lower scale you can
do stuff with a little javascript and html.

osm at livingwithdragons.com
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