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Mon Mar 29 20:22:32 BST 2010

Hi Corey,
It sounds like a competion. :-)

I think we can make Vancouver Island better than the lower mainland.

I'm still planning a mapping party day @Sidney. April 7th.

I'll invite people the manual way. :)


On 3/29/10, Corey Burger <corey.burger at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:46 AM, Gregory <nomoregrapes at googlemail.com>
> wrote:
>> To imports and talk-ca mailing list,
>> As you may know, I'm in Canada until May studying at the University of
>> British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver.
>> I'm doing one class in GIS and this week the teacher just introduced us to
>> some data on the geography computers we can use for our project. It is
>> from
>> the UBC Plant Ops division and has a lot of exciting data for the Point
>> Grey
>> campus ( http://osm.org/go/WJQi9HNV- ).
>> I think it would be great to have some of this data in OSM, as it would
>> benefit both sides. For example they have all the bicycle rack locations,
>> but we add the capacity to each node, and with the locations it would be
>> easier to do that. I'm going to write an e-mail to my professor to see who
>> his contact in Plant Ops is and then contact them to ask for OSM import
>> permission
> Gregory,
> Bicycle racks would certainly be a welcome addition. I look at the
> number around UVic and shudder.
> However, who holds copyright on the data? They need to sign off on
> importing it into OSM if it isn't licensed under fairly liberal terms.
> If you don't know then it is likely all rights reserved. Plant Ops may
> not have the ability to do this. Likely you are going to need to clear
> it through Legal, which can add time and headaches.
>> 1) Should the source tag be used on every node/way(that has other tags),
>> or
>> just on the changesets?
> On all the nodes, so that we can see where they come from
>> 2) Most layers imported I think will be none or few existing data, but
>> some
>> (like bicycle_parking) will have a fair few duplicates. Are there any good
>> tools for that (does the US tiger remove dupes work for this?) or is it
>> showing/hiding layers with JOSM?
>> I had a bit of a look at the data in ArcGIS available and wrote these
>> notes
>> on what's there:
>> The prof made a point of Plant Ops not using GIS, it's originally in a CAD
>> program and so there is no metadata. For a lot of files it's just nodes
>> with
>> no data besides the co-ordinates and an id.
>> It seems to geographically match OSM road shapfiles, which I aligned to
>> GPS,
>> so I don't see realignment being needed.
> Check the datum and projection. They need to match what OSM uses,
> which I currently cannot remember.
> Cheers,
> Corey
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