[Talk-ca] Canvec.osm samples

Bégin, Daniel Daniel.Begin at RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Mar 31 16:53:17 BST 2010

I'm ready to release some samples to get your feedback on the Canvec.osm product.  I wont be able to release complete NTS datasets because tiling procedure is not completed yet. 
So, if you send me the bounding box of the area you wish to look at (max  0.1 X 0.1 degrees lat/lon - all include in the same map sheet), I should be able to create the sample an provide it to you and to the community.  I will identify all created sample in the wiki (Canvec page) and they will be made available from NRCan ftp site.
I might produce a dozen of datasets, so, first in - first out!
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