[Talk-ca] Ride the City - Montreal

Vaidila Kungys vaidila at ridethecity.com
Thu Oct 7 02:04:44 BST 2010

Attention Montreal Mappers and Bicycle Advocates (and Ottawa/Vancouver),
I'd like to let you know that we're working on Ride the City - Montreal.
Here's the test/temporary URL:
http://www.ridethecity.com/?region=montreal. We'd like to ask interested
bicyclists and mappers that while mapping, please keep in mind bicycle
connections to help us improve Ride the City - Montreal as well as other
cities we'll be working on soon (Ottawa and Vancouver)?

Useful corrections to OSM include:

   - adding or correcting street and track/cycleway names
   - adding bike facilities where needed/missing (
   - correcting highway types so we know which streets are quiet and bike
   friendly (e.g. residential vs. motorway, primary, etc:
   - specifying incline=* (e.g. incline=9% or incline=-9% where there are
   steep hills: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:incline)
   - ensuring nodes connect streets to cycleways in the right places (and
   that nodes don't exist where connections should not exist)
   - if bicycles are not allowed, correctly tagging highways and tracks with
   bicycle=no where bikes aren't allowed (especially where it's not obvious).

Thank you for all your work. Please pass this on and feel free to let us
know if you have any recommendations for Ride the City.

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