[Talk-ca] Shoreline adjustments?

Daniel Begin jfd553 at hotmail.com
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Hi Steve, 


I would propose to have a  look in the osm wiki.  There is plenty of
information you need to know to understand how osm works...


About coastline updating frequency... 





You will understand why the shoreline/coastline doesn't update frequently



About features tagged natural=coastline and source=PGS...

Early osm "large" water bodies were created using Landsat imageries.  There
were no way to make the difference between inland water and the actual
coastline.  But you can!





Welcome on the list :-)






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Hi talk-ca,

This is my first post to this list. I was wondering how long it takes for
the shoreline to be updated?

I corrected a shoreline error here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=49.918
&lon=-118.0157&zoom=14&layers=M, however it hasn't updated yet. 

Also I was wondering why this is a shoreline, as it's an inland river. The
same river in the states is a waterway=riverbank.


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