[Talk-ca] UBC, Vancouver orthography, and street alignment

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Oct 31 04:18:03 GMT 2010

UBC in Vancouver has been suffering from issues of building misalignment
because the Yahoo orthography is misaligned with the ground and suffers from
distortion[1]. The City of Vancouver offers some mapping data [2] which can
be used with OSM. I've taken 16 tiles that cover most of UBC and corrected
most of the streets to these as these reflect the GPS traces, CanVec data,
and my knowledge from being a student. They are also high resolution, being
listed as 40cm, but I can easily make out smaller features. 

I've also done some micro-mapping around the SUB, Buchanan, the Chan Center
and Rose garden, and down by CEME.

As the process to convert the .ecw files is a long and computationally heavy
one if anyone wants the resulting slippymap which can be used with the JOSM
slippymap plugin and is regularly at UBC I could burn them onto a CD.

I also have all of Vancouver processing to make a slippymap, but it has only
been about 25 hours so it is not finished yet. If anyone wants that, it'll
take multiple DVDs. Of course, anyone could recreate it from the downloaded
files but anticipate gdal2tiles taking about 30-40 hours on a good computer.

If anyone notices misaligned streets at UBC and isn't able to get the
Vancouver orthography working I'd appreciate knowing and I can align them.

[2] <http://data.vancouver.ca/datacatalogue/>

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