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Bonjour Michael,

2010-08-16 11:54 [Talk-ca] Canvec.osm Product - Running!
I wrote  "natural=land  area features are a duplicate of natural=water inner polygon. It will be removed for the next release.  Point features will still be there."  

I understand that natural=land has priority in the rendering. Rendering will then "move" any overlapping features "under" the natural=land feature. It means you are better remove natural=land area before importing.

The standard case for an island is 
- an inner component of a relation type=multipolygon : natural=water
- a polygon : natural=land
- a polygon : natural=wood

Remove the polygon natural=land and the polygon natural=wood will render properly  in the hole created by the inner component of the natural=water multipolygon.


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  I was importing data in the Georgian Bay area and I noticed 
something.   If an island is natural=land it renders in mapnik as white, 
regardless of the outer multipolygon.   if you have natrual=wood or 
possibly others, it sinks if it's not role=inner.

This is at least what I've observed so far.   It's rather hard to figure 
out when the mapnik tiles get cached and don't refresh in a timely fashion. :-)

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