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And I suppose it would be helpful if I linked to the file I meant to.




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I've developed a couple of new layers that I use as background layers when
working in Surrey, BC. First off though, do NOT import these files. Instead,
merge objects from them or trace from them if you want to use them.


The first is cadLotsSHP, the Surrey castradal data. Castradal data (property
lot data) is not suitable for importing into OSM, but there are uses.
Included in it is school and park data as well as some railway landuse data.
It is also sometimes useful for establishing the bounds of residential
areas. An example of this is http://www.openstreetmap.org/?minlon=-122.868
&maxlat=49.134&box=yes> &minlat=49.126&maxlon=-122.862&maxlat=49.134&box=yes
where I used the outer lots to establish the landuse for the block.


The second is parkNaturalAreasSHP, which is a map of natural areas in parks.
I describe this conversion in detail at
http://www.paulnorman.ca/blog/2011/04/a-simpler-shapefile-conversion/ but
basically everything is natural=wood wood=coniferous/deciduous/mixed,
natural=scrub or landuse=meadow.


The third is trnRoadCentrelinesSHP which is the Surrey road network data
which I posted to talk-ca@ earlier. I've been using it for fixing
abbreviated road names (e.g. 22 av instead of 22B Avenue) as well as adding
in maxspeed=* lanes=* information for major roads.


My typical workflow with these files is I have them up in the background and
instead of tracing, I merge the relevant object to the OSM layer. The end
result is the same, but I find it faster.

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