[Talk-ca] What should a Canadian style map look like?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Sep 12 23:32:51 BST 2011

Dear All,

Just brain-storming, so let's have suggestions without debate for now.
 What should the OSM data look like when styled for Canadians?  Just
some quick ideas that appeal to me:

- highway marker shields like 401, highway of heroes, Yellowhead, etc.
- fewer road colors.
- render cues about road surface so I can tell gravel roads.
- make long-distance roads in the north render somehow.

What else?  Big ideas, small ideas?

Which points of interest should be more prominent? Hockey and curling
rinks?  Trim this post and reply with your ideas.

There is a similar thread starting on the talk-us list as well.
Perhaps we can all play together on our continent.

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