[Talk-ca] What should a Canadian style map look like?

James Ewen ve6srv at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 04:52:50 BST 2011

Well for one thing, render forest in something other than dark green.
I started importing forested areas, but stopped as soon as I saw it
rendered. The forest colour overpowered the roads in the area. The
maps become just about useless as a road map when the roads disappear.

My biggest issue with not only OSM, but my GPS navigators is that if I
zoom out far enough to get a view of where I am headed, I'm looking at
a blank screen. If I zoom in to find the roads, I'm looking at an area
about as big as I can see out the windows... not much use.

In our country of wide open spaces, we need to have some of those
minor roads and places shown when looking at large areas.



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