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(and then stupid Gmail didn't send it to the list.  Sorry, Pierre, meant
for this to go there, not just to you)

2012/3/31 Pierre Béland <infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr>

> Since I work more for developping tools, I am not as familliar as many of
> you about re-mapping procedure.
> I need clear ODBL Safe instructions on how to redraw areas like in Verdun
> where large portions have to be redrawned. This morning, I was erasing
> streets one by on  and redrawing them using nodes that cross other streets.
> This way it is simple to redraw. But I now realize that this ways it keeps
> nodes that are not ODBL. Is this means that I also have to remove nodes and
> redraw them ?  Then this would mean erase first a complete sector and then
> redraw it. This would be a more perillous aventure!
> Pierre
Greetings. I have pretty much the same question.  I've had "do some OSM
mapping" in the back of my mind for nearly 2 years, and only in the last
few days have I actually got around to mapping some businesses and stuff,
and fixing some unconnected ways, just in the area a few kilometres around
my house.  Based on that Geofabrik map, there are some things near me
labeled in red.  What do you want me to do?  Just delete them and remake
them?  (I feel bad deleting someone else's work, but if that's the deal,
that's what I'll do).

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