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Oops, this should have gone to the list.

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Oh no! I haven't seen any announcements and couldn't find anything on the
forums or other ML's. You can play around with the Bing Aerial Imagery
Analyzer (data only gets updated when you zoom in far enough) and you'll
see that z=20 is mostly gone in Quebec, except for weird little pockets
like this

In Montreal, the pictures with the highest resolution were pretty old
anyway (2008 I think) and maybe that's the reason for Bing removing them?


On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Bruno Remy <bremy.qc.ca at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bonjour,
> Avez-vous remarqué la récente disparition du niveau de zoom le + fort de
> Bing depuis le 1er décembre?
> Y-a-t-il un communiqué officiel de Microfot (Bing) et/ou de la Fondation
> OpenStreetMap à ce sujet?
> ----
> Hello,
> Did you noticed that last level of Bing Imagery has recently disapeared
> (on sunday 1st dec.) ?
> Is there any official post from Microsoft (Bing) and/or OpenStreetMap
> Foundation about that?
> ----
> Bruno Remy
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