[Talk-ca] Osmose, Outil de qualité, maintenant disponible pour le Québec

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Wed Jan 2 07:33:15 GMT 2013

I’ve been looking at a bot to fix the double-space issue with
CanVec/Geobase, but no idea when I’ll have the time for it so don’t let that
stop anyone else interested from developing one, consulting, etc. Serge’s
work in the US with TIGER name expansions might be helpful.


Also, just a reminder, if using a tool like osmose, don’t blindly accept its
suggestions, make sure to review them first.




From: Pierre Béland [mailto:infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr] 


Osmose is an error detection tool similar to Keepright. It can detect errors
and inconsistencies in OSM data in the form of a map OSM with tooltips. On
the left side, we select from the list of problems detected. On the map, the
select a tooltip and click to edit directly in JOSM.

Starting today, the Osmose tool covers Québec for all error analysis. The
rest of Canada is partially covered for some errors but developers of
OSM-France tell me that there would be opportunity to include all of Canada.
The list of errors is updated daily.
see http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr/map/?zoom=10
Errors list http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmose/erreurs

For some errors detected by Osmose, such as abbreviations or Too many
spaces, you will notice when importing in JOSM that the proposed correction
is already done in the Name Tag. When you have completed the correction in
JOSM you click on the Corrected link of the Osmose tooltip to confirm the

Thanks very much to the developers OSM-France for their excellent work.

The Statistics section allows us to better coordinate, and see if some
adjustments could be corrected automatically by a bot rather than manually.

see error table for Québec

As already discussed on the Talk-Ca list, there are a large number of errors
that have appeared consistently in previous Canvec imports. We do not find
these errors in the recent imports. However, we still need to fix the base
OSM for the previous errors.

We find in particular:
lanes = -1
Names abbreviations and with too many spaces

This is an opportunity to make a list of corrections that could be made via
a bot. Are there any developers who have the expertise to run a bot and are
willing to cooperate?



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