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Relation Analyzer from OSM France is a good tool to validate if the polygon is closed once you have finished editing such relation.


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>Thanks. I thought I had everything covered, but I suppose I should have double checked.
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>I just took a look, and the relation was broken in two places. One of the ways on the outer edge was missing, as was about half of one of the inner islands. I added the necessary ways back into the relation, so it should render properly now.
>>Victoria, BC
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>>A while back I changed tagged the southern half of Lake Winnipeg as natural=coastline so it will appear on all levels of the map. Per the suggestion of someone on this list, I kept the old water multipolygon so that it would not disappear until the next coastline update. It is now disappearing from the map, see http://osm.org/go/Wp9lapp--
>>Can someone suggest a way to stop this?
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