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It seems that these are property only an not house plans. But this can surely help for contiguous houses where it is hard to delimit.
See U. of McGill description

There is also the landuse file
See U. of McGill description

The Geomatic service of city of Montreal already provides for research the cadastral plans (1 : 500) and landuse plans (1 : 1000).

Laval city has an online map with cadastral plan and ortophoto. Bluffing when you zoom-in and see street level plans. We see both property and building delimitations. Plus other infos.
see http://www.info.ville.laval.qc.ca/geomatique/citoyens/viewer.htm?Service=Citoyens_hv

Communaute urbaine of Montreal (The great Montreal) also have orthophotos.

I think that it would be worth looking more closely at this, see what is usefull and find solutions on how to exploit this information.


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>> Lastly, cadastral data is probably the least exciting type of data for OSM.
>> Other data like roads, addresses and even buildings is more useful.
>Oh, I thought cadastral data would include building outlines? At least
>that's the case with the somewhat controversial French cadastre
>imports. Did I get excited prematurely?
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