[Talk-ca] Out of date or incomplete NRCan-CanVec-7.0 data

Tony Toews tony at tonytoews.com
Mon Mar 4 07:18:03 UTC 2013

At 04:52 PM 2013-03-03, James Ewen wrote:
 > I'm just a casual editor who cleans up things I know first hand in a few
 >> small towns and a small city.    So I went to Landmark, Manitoba and saw an
 >> interesting, irregularly shaped out-of-date/incomplete polygon that was
 >> added.  I don't recall seeing it when I last visited there several months
 >> ago but who knows.
 >> Residential Area - Source - NRCan-CanVec-7.0
 >> This appears to display a shaded area on the user viewable map.
 >Follow the links to dig deeper into the information available.

I didn't realize you could dig that much deeper into who did what.


 >Or you could update it to reflect reality.

Updated.   I probably should've joined the nodes to the wooded area 
polygon or the park so the boundaries are contiguous but I'll figure 
that out another day.  I assumed school yards are part of the 
residential areas.

 >>  Is it safe to delete that polygon or
 >> will it come back on some re-import in the future.
 >Would it be better to remove all the inaccurate information from OSM,
 >or to correct/update the inaccurate information?

 >If you look at the history, the polygon was imported by sammuell from
 >CanVec in an effort to correct data

See that's my problem.  When I take a look at that polygon I don't 
know if it's valid out of date data or someone mucking about or 
what.  So I'm glad I asked.

 >something like the out of date residential area in
 >Landmark Manitoba should be updated, not removed.


Thanks muchly for the detailed explanation.

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