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I wonder what a divorce layer would say about this!  If there were disagreements at some point, how could we assure that we control our domain?

To this regard, I would prefer a solution where osm-ca domain is not controlled of OSMF. 

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>On 2013-03-25 10:33, Darryl Shpak wrote:
>> Good morning everyone,
>> For the last several years I've owned the domain openstreetmap.ca.
>> [..]
>> So: I am just about to renew this domain for another year. I would
>> like to pass control of the domain over to the Canadian mapping
>> community, to someone who will do something -- anything! -- with it
>> that will be beneficial to Canadian users and/or mappers.
>Hello Darryl,
>Thanks for bringing up this resource on the list.
>If no one else has a better proposal, I'd like to offer the assistance
>of FACIL (http://facil.qc.ca) in managing this. I welcome any other
>members of this list to join me in this offer.
>FACIL is a non-profit based in Quebec province, doing advocacy for
>free open source software - these days we primarily focus on the
>government here in Quebec.
>I am sitting on the board as VP and we have a few competent admin
>resources, we have been reorganizing some of the hosting and content
>managament resources succesfully. We recently launched an internal
>ticket system and have access to free hosting via Koumbit.org.
>I also have access to other resources as a member of the Free Software
>Foundation but I believe the OSM project wiki combined with FACIL's
>guidance should be enough for anyone other contributors here to step
>in and add the missing glue.
>If nothing else, having FACIL own the domain and pay for it, and
>parking it until a formal project takes place would be logical for now.
>Going a bit further, I would at least redirect it to the OSM Canada
>wiki page [1], but that is up to you.
>Pending other discussions on this list, I am leaving that offer on the
>table. I have no urgency in adding another project to the many things
>I am involved in, but I can offer those resources now. I suppose some
>consensus will happen here.
>Cheers to all,
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