[Talk-ca] coastline between Montreal and Sorel, Quebec

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I'm fine with that consensus. We confirmed with the person who reverted the previous edit that there was no specific rule being enforced. That mapper just thought it looked wrong.

I have a rather free day tomorrow so I'm happy to fix the st-lawrence section between Montreal and Sorel to tag it as natural=coastline.

Hopefully this should be fine for all.



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>> The question of where does the coastline end and riverbank start is a
>> question that was probably debated at length 4-5 years ago with no
>> clear resolution. The page does mention the great lakes as an example
>> of lakes "wrongly" tagged with coastline, but that will probably stay
>> like that in the near future. Personally, I think the great lakes
>> should stay as coastline not just because it'd be hard to change. It
>> might be worth coming to a consensus here first before we try to fix
>> the coastline between Montréal and Sorel. Clearly, the current
>> situation is suboptimal.
>Last time the Great Lakes were discussed, the consensus was that they, 
>along with a few substantial water bodies, should be tagged with 
>natural=coastline. This isn't a question of rendering, it's a question 
>of data modelling.	

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