[Talk-ca] Islands with coastlines not showing up in OSM

Denis Carriere carriere.denis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:57:06 UTC 2016

Quick question for anyone on this mailing list.

We are having issues displaying islands up in northern Canada, some islands
are showing up correctly and some do not.

We seem to have all the tagging correct and the correct geometry (validated
with JOSM the coastline so it's not reversed).

Any reason why it's not showing up properly in OSM? Is there a delay of 24+
hours for any features that are related to the coastline?

Here is one of many features that are not getting rendered:

*Thomas Work Island, Nunavut (Not showing up)*

*OSM Tags*
name=Thomas Work Island

Any ideas anyone?

*Denis Carriere*
*GIS Project Manager*

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