[Talk-ca] Bus stops in Ottawa

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 20:04:05 UTC 2016

It appears in august 2013 user andrewpmk imported the OC transpo bus stops,
which is fine I don't have a problem with imports but I understand OC
transpo issue a new updated GTFS file every year.  Are there plans to
reimport all the bus stops or will they simply become unreliable?  ie most
will be there and some will be missed.
These bus stops have been imported since the POI information includes
information which is not visible at the bus stop but is available form the
GTFS file.

I have three concerns, one is the GTFS file does not include bus shelters
and some existing bus stops have been mapped with shelter information.  Are
we to lose bus shelter information?  The second is locally andrewpmk mapped
bus stops in 2011 without the GTFS POI information and they are still
there.  So some locations have two bus stops mapped where there should be
only one.  The third one is how reliable is the data? Were all the bus
stops in Ottawa imported and how do we communicate to users this bus stop
was mapped in Aug 2013 if they aren't using JOSM?



Cheerio John
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