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Yet it's the same as the Vancouver one that has been approved, and had data

On Jan 25, 2017 8:30 PM, "Stewart C. Russell" <scruss at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Bjenk,
> > Most participants here agree that open data initiatives exist so that
> > we, the public, organizations including OSM, everyone can use the
> > data.
> The OSM project can't accept data that might have hidden licensing
> issues that might jeopardize OSM's existence. All new licenses are
> treated with extreme caution. From the Legal FAQ:
> “XYZ Organisation has data for free download under licence N. Can I use
> it in OSM?
> Approach the data owners, explain OSM, and seek written permission to
> licence their data under our licence and contributor terms.
> Unless the data is genuinely offered without any restrictions on use at
> all (i.e. public domain), please contact the Licensing Working Group for
> advice. Do not rely on your own legal interpretation of the licence. OSM
> is all about creating a freely and easily redistributable data set.
> Anything which taints the dataset or exposes OSM to possible legal
> action interferes with that objective.
> Even if you only want to use a minor part, or compare the sources, you
> should still seek approval in writing. The legal principles involved are
> not well developed, and the OSM community wants to develop a free and
> untainted dataset and not test any of the legal issues involved here.
> In short: be ultra-cautious”
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ#2b._XYZ_
> Organisation_has_data_for_free_download_under_licence_N.
> _Can_I_use_it_in_OSM.3F>
> > With that said, It has not yet been clearly explained what are the
> > issues nor the sources raising concerns. Many have asked for
> > clarifications and these have not been presented.
> These responses take time. We're all volunteers who do this for fun.
> I've (just) requested clarification from the OSMF License Working group.
> I don't know if anyone had before. To OSM, the Ottawa licence is
> different from the Federal OGL, so it needs looked at.
>  Stewart
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