[Talk-ca] Ottawa, Canada Tree Import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jun 28 06:49:41 UTC 2017


On 27.06.2017 21:17, Denis Carriere wrote:
> +1 That's awesome work! > So many tree related OSM tags!

This is something that went through my mind a couple of times in the
past when you posted on the imports list, but I think now is the time
where I finally need to say it:

Are you on the imports list simply because you think OSM needs more
imports, and to give an unqualified +1 to every single import proposal,
good or bad?

Are you aware that the raison d'etre of the list is to *improve*
proposed imports by helping people to do things right and to avoid mistakes?

I mean, the import proposed here *clearly* has some (if minor) issues,
like the "dbh" tag, the questionable "ref", and the "operator=City of
Ottawa". Pointing out these issues will help improve the import, and
will help the importer not making a fool of himself.

It is a *good thing* to point out these issues and discuss them.

You can be in favour of an import and still offer some constructive
criticism, and indeed that would be expected from a seasoned OSM

But instead, all you have to say is "So many tree related OSM tags!" and
"If all the data looks like this, then it looks like it would be a great

I think that if you do not have the time to look at a proposal properly,
so that you don't even notice a problem like "dbh=6", then you should
*not* offer an unqualified "+1" to an import proposal. This is not a
vote; your +1 is worthless if we get the impression that you don't even
think twice before showering a proposal with that. It is not helpful; it
makes you look like a claqueur who mindlessly applauds every proposal.
It certainly doesn't do the person who proposes it any good: they hoped
to get a few pairs of critical eyeballs to ensure they don't embarrass
themselves with a broken or silly import.

If you do not have the time to offer solid feedback, then hold back on
it until you do. A knee-jerk "+1" makes a mockery of the process.


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