[Talk-ca] Crowdsourcing with Statistics Canada (Ottawa ODL 2.0 is go!)

Stewart C. Russell scruss at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 02:15:07 UTC 2017

I just got access to the OSMF LWG draft minutes from yesterday, and I
have good news: Ottawa ODL 2.0 data /can/ be included in the OSM database.

The minutes link -
- is still draft so may not be generally readable, so I've included the
text in full below:

    *5. Statement on Ottawa Open Data Licence Version 2.0 compatibility*

    Approval of the following statement:


    The LWG has been asked to determine the compatibility of Ottawa Open
    Data, Licence Version 2.0 (Ottawa ODL 2.0) with the ODbL 2.0 in
    conjunction with importing so licensed data. The text of the Ottawa
    ODL 2.0 can be found

    The Ottawa ODL 2.0 is a localised version of the OGL
    in turn is loosly based on the UK OGL. The changes relative to the
    OGL Canada due to localisation are the licensor (the City of Ottawa)
    and reference to the definition of "personal information" as defined
    in the "Ontario Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of
    Privacy Act",

    The LWG has determined


        that the attribution requirements of the Ottawa ODL 2.0 can be
        met by adding the required text to the wiki contributor page and
        corresponding changeset source attribute values, and that there
        is no downstream attribution requirement,


        that we are not using "Personal Information" as defined in the
        licence and referenced legislation,

    and that so licensed material can be included in the OpenStreetMap
    dataset and distributed on ODbL 1.0 terms.

    In the past the local variants of the OGL Canada have varied widely
    and have in some cases included additional terms that have made them
    incompatible with the ODbL and in some instances non-open. For this
    reason we are not making a blanket statement on other such localised
    versions of the OGL at this point in time and will continue to
    review them on a case by case base.


    Approved with 4 yes, 1 abstain.

I've also updated the wiki page.

Have a great weekend!

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