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Hey Stewart,
CSDs are legal boundaries - I.e. the legal boundary of a lower tier municipality.
CSD = city/town/township

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On 2017-03-07 10:36 AM, Bjenk Ellefsen wrote:
> … Any more thoughts?

If you're planning to import/add abstract statistical boundaries, rather
than those defined by municipal boundaries, then I'd suggest that they
don't belong in OSM.

 “Contributions to OpenStreetmap should be:
   1. Truthful - means that you cannot contribute something you have
   2. Legal - means that you don't copy copyrighted data without
   3. Verifiable - means that others can go there and see for
    themselves if your data is correct.
   4. Relevant - means that you have to use tags that make clear to
    others how to re-use the data

  When in doubt, also consider the "on the ground rule": map the world
  as it can be observed by someone physically there.”

 — How We Map <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/How_We_Map>

Unless CSDs are physically observable, they are too abstract for OSM.


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