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Sorry JP, just talking from my experience in Ontario where they generally (at least in Southern Ontario) follow legal boundaries. 
In the end, whoever does it will need to have knowledge of the area and how boundaries work in that province/locality, but boundaries are definitely important for geocoding and analysis and would remove the need for extremely redundant addr tags that are used for cities.

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And even then, not all CSDs are municipalities. In Nova Scotia for instance they have "county subdivisions" which have no legal standing at all and are just StatsCan creations.
I'd suggest boundaries of actual municipalities are worthy of being added into OSM, but not all CSDs fit that bill.

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CSDs are suppose to represent city/town limits (observable as usually there's a sign that says Welcome to X or Sorry to see you leave X), but they have been rounded off to look nice and may not reflect what it is in reality

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> … Any more thoughts?

If you're planning to import/add abstract statistical boundaries, rather

than those defined by municipal boundaries, then I'd suggest that they

don't belong in OSM.

 “Contributions to OpenStreetmap should be:

   1. Truthful - means that you cannot contribute something you have


   2. Legal - means that you don't copy copyrighted data without


   3. Verifiable - means that others can go there and see for

    themselves if your data is correct.

   4. Relevant - means that you have to use tags that make clear to

    others how to re-use the data

  When in doubt, also consider the "on the ground rule": map the world

  as it can be observed by someone physically there.”

 — How We Map <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/How_We_Map>

Unless CSDs are physically observable, they are too abstract for OSM.

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