[Talk-ca] Planning mapathon @ McGill in OSM Geo Week

Tim Elrick, Dr. tim.elrick at mcgill.ca
Tue Oct 24 21:29:33 UTC 2017

Hello OSMappers,

I am Tim Elrick, heading the Geographic Information Centre at McGill. I am involved with organizing a mapathon at McGill in Montreal in OSM Geo Week in November. I am reaching out to you to find local experienced mappers to support us in the mapathon (I followed the discussion on talk-ca in the last couple of weeks).

It would be great if someone could get me in touch with local OSMappers? (My idea was to go to the next OSM event in Montreal; however, unfortunately, it seems too close to OSM Geo Week, to start the contacts only then.)

Beside the mapathon, McGill students who worked as volunteers at the last HOT summit are currently setting up a mapping group (OMG McGill, Open Mapping Group McGill). They slowly want to build up OSMapping expertise to work on HOT tasks, Building Canada 2020 tasks as well as adding to OSM in Montreal. The group would appreciate to have a contact to established OSMappers here as well.

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,
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