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Alasia, Alessandro (STATCAN) alessandro.alasia at canada.ca
Thu Sep 28 20:48:12 UTC 2017

Hello all!

Statistics Canada was a partner of the 2017 HOT Summit held in Ottawa, Sept 14-15. In parallel to the summit, Statistics Canada hosted a workshop to discuss the possibility of launching a community-led initiative titled "Building Canada 2020".

The goal and vision of this initiative is simple: map all buildings in Canada on OSM by the year 2020. The workshop was well attended. There were about 50 people from various sectors (federal, academic, civic group, and private). This was a preliminary discussion amongst a small group of people, but now that broad interest has been confirmed more stakeholders need to be involved!

A short summary of the workshop along with a first draft Roadmap to implementation has been posted on the OSM Wiki at: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Canada/Building_Canada_2020

Everyone that shares the vision of "mapping all buildings in Canada on OSM by the year 2020" is invited to contribute to the discussion and the roadmap to implementation. In addition, there is still need to discuss how coordination, communication and governance of this initiative can be set in place.

One important aspect that needs to be emphasized is that "Building Canada 2020" is not a Statistics Canada project. In fact, it is not properly a project of any sort. It is a vision and an aspirational goal. The hope is that many organizations and contributors working with an open data resource (OSM) can coordinate their efforts through a multitude of projects, initiatives, and activities towards a common goal that would benefit society at large.

My team at Statistics Canada (DEIL) has been working on a pilot project with OSM (which was presented at the HOT Summit). We are looking at the possibility of a second Statistics Canada project to expand to other cities the work done with the pilot in Ottawa and Gatineau. If this happens, this StatCan project would contribute to, and align with, the Building Canada 2020 initiative. Hopefully this will be but one of many projects and activities contributing to the vision. Where possible, we would be happy to coordinate work with other organizations or groups that share the vision. We would also be happy to share experiences and the tools developed while working with building information on OSM.

We look forward to further collaboration with the OSM communities as we move forward with the second phase of our project and expand to more cities.

Best regards
Alessandro and DEIL Team

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