[Talk-ca] Meaning of lcn tag - designated route, or any cycling infrastructure

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Bonjour Mike,
Voir la page wiki qui indique les trois niveaux de cette classificationhttps://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Cycle_routes
- icn international- lcn national- rcn régional
On y indique également  que les relations sont généralement mieux pour documenter un parcours. Voir une relation pour la Route verte au Québec avec des dizaines de membres pour la décrire. Et effectivement, on utilise cette classification pour des parcours reconnus soit au niveau régional ou national.


    Le dimanche 4 février 2018 14:39:50 HNE, Mike Boos <mike.boos at gmail.com> a écrit :  
I've noticed some users have begun tagging some roads in a number of Canadian cities with lcn=yes tags, which are intended for marking local cycling routes. My understanding of the lcn tag was that it was intended for marking designated routes, not just any old way that is potentially bikeable or personal preferences cycling routes. 
For many roads, the lcn tag seems redundant, since these ways are already tagged with cycleway=lane or something similar, and there is no accompanying lcn_ref tag to provide information on individual route names or numbers (if they exist). Other roads have been tagged, but have no infrastructure or signage, which suggests someone is simply marking their personal routes. 
I'd like to think I have some sort of expertise in what constitutes an official local cycling route in my area, having served as a member and later chair of the Kitchener Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee for several years. There are some signed routes that myself and others in the area have properly marked with relations. But is my understanding of what the lcn tag is for wrong? I'd like to know before I start cleaning things up.
Mike Boos, MASc.
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