[Talk-ca] BC2020i - Solving the licensing issues

Matthew Darwin matthew at mdarwin.ca
Wed Feb 7 15:07:23 UTC 2018


Good point about the quality and attributes of the data will 
definitely not be consistent between municipalities. As long as the 
source is identifiable, then the face it is one "file" or many, would 
be an implementation detail.  IMO.

On 2018-02-07 09:46 AM, James wrote:
> why does it have to be one file? Cant it be individual cities that 
> contribute under a say repository under the federal goverment with 
> the federal license? Evaluating the quality of the data is also part 
> of the process and as we've found out there are some cities that do 
> it better than others when it comes to data quality.
> On Feb 7, 2018 9:42 AM, "Alasia, Alessandro (STATCAN)" 
> <alessandro.alasia at canada.ca <mailto:alessandro.alasia at canada.ca>> 
> wrote:
>     Dear all,
>     It is fantastic to see all these exchanges about BC2020i! There
>     are a lot of great ideas and improvements being made. I cannot
>     follow up on each point, though I wanted to update you regarding
>     one area of specific relevance: the attempt to find a solution
>     to the licensing issue for building related datasets. I believe
>     this is one area where my team can contribute to support the
>     BC2020i.

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