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Matthew Darwin matthew at mdarwin.ca
Mon Feb 12 22:50:10 UTC 2018


I am now reviewing the *addr**:city* tag.   Seems we are not very 
consistent how we use it.  For example, Toronto:

  110707 City of Toronto    9603 Toronto       4 North York, Toronto 
       2 Toronto, ON       2 toronto       1 York, Toronto       1 
Torontoitalian       1 Toronto;City of Toronto       1 Toronto

Which is correct?  "*City of **Toronto*" or "*Toronto*"?   I would 
think "Toronto"???   Why do people pick one over the other?

There are more than 7000 unique names in Canada.  Below are the top 
50.  Ottawa is not on the top of the list because there was a local 
decision to not include the addr:city tag during address addition as 
there there are many different "city" names since almagamation. (The 
official Canada Post address still has the old municipality name prior 
to amalgamation while the City of Ottawa works through de-duplicating 
street names).

110707 City of Toronto 100066 Gatineau 82606 Montréal 79191 Surrey 
71932 Edmonton 51096 Québec 45716 City of Hamilton 37232 Mississauga 
35763 Laval 32029 Dartmouth 30969 Kamloops 27234 City of London 25393 
City of Brampton 22881 Municipality of Chatham-Kent 18534 Saguenay 
17921 Lévis 17251 City of Vaughan 16929 City of St. Catharines 16796 
Town of Markham 16592 City of Kawartha Lakes 16403 Trois-Rivières 
16086 City of Thunder Bay 15788 Oakville 15335 Sherbrooke 14787 City 
of Niagara Falls 14338 Norfolk County 13966 City of Kingston 13939 
Fredericton 12085 City of Oshawa 11966 Saanich 11950 Calgary 11382 
Terrebonne 11332 Richmond Hill 11321 City of Barrie 11080 Town of Fort 
Erie 10986 Cole Harbour 10981 City of Burlington 10641 Town of Whitby 
10635 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 10455 Drummondville 10347 City of 
Guelph 9906 Municipality of Clarington 9666 City of Brantford 9603 
Toronto 9487 Shawinigan 9384 City of Sarnia 9380 Red Deer 9102 City of 
Windsor 9044 City Of Sault Ste. Marie 8466 Sudbury

Matthew Darwin
matthew at mdarwin.ca

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