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Kevin Farrugia kevinfarrugia at gmail.com
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Bernie is correct.  "City of", "Municipality of", "x County" is a legal
name that would be referring to the legal entity itself (the Government)
rather than the place.  The place should just be Toronto, Hamilton,
Mississauga etc..

The data source these legal names comes from has the legal name as it's
usually establishing the jurisdiction that contains the road.  The address
ranges are derived from the road system, so it's just been copied over.

-Kevin Farrugia
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On 12 February 2018 at 21:02, Bernie Connors <bernie.connors at unb.ca> wrote:

> I see the use of "City of" as indicating the official name of a
> municipality as it is defined in legislation. Here in New Brunswick the
> Municipalities Act‎ defines the official names of municipalities. Some opt
> to use "City of ", "Town of ", etc in the Municipalities Act and some
> don't. But when it comes to names on maps we should be more concerned with
> toponyms and not official names. The use of "City of ", "Town of ", etc is
> very rare in toponyms.  Here is a query on the Canadian Geographic Names
> Database searching for the term "of" in the "populated places" category -
> http://www4.rncan.gc.ca/search-place-names/search?q=
> of&theme%5B%5D=985&category=O
> I only see two examples that include "City of ", "Town of ", etc across
> the entire country:
> City of Brant, ON
> Village of Queen Charlotte, BC
> Bernie.
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>> I smell a harmonization with admin_level...not that there's anything
>> wrong with that.
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