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the only expanded version of the city name was in french, and on wikipedia:

Maybe because people(English) have trouble spelling "Sainte"?

On Feb 16, 2018 5:38 PM, "Tristan Anderson" <andersontristan at hotmail.com>

> I'm going to make here to the unpopular argument that in OSM tagging "St."
> should always be written as "Saint".
> I know that you will never see "Sault Sainte Marie" on a sign, map or
> official document and that seeing it written like that looks weird and even
> wrong to local residents.  In much the same way when I started editing OSM,
> "Pine Street" looked weird, even wrong, to me.  After all, street suffixes
> are abbreviated on every sign and map; even when they are referenced in
> articles.  I have since come to accept and embrace the unabbreviated street
> suffix, even to the point writing them out in full in my day-to-day life,
> such as when I enter in my home address.  I think we can all agree that
> there is nothing incorrect about Maple Boulevard, and by extension that an
> abbreviation's ubiquity does not in and of itself make the full version
> incorrect.
> There are a lot of streets that begin with Saint.  In one neighbourhood of
> Niagara Falls, for example, there is (using the names recognised by Canada
> Post) a Saint Marys Avenue, St. John St, St Paul Avenue, St Patrick Avenue,
> St. Peter Avenue, and Saint George Avenue.  I doubt that whoever named
> those streets intended for that specific combination of St/St./Saint and I
> can be certain that the abbreviations were merely ever there out of
> convenience, one that's made obsolete by digital maps not needing to cram a
> bunch of street names onto limited space.  I find it hard to see anybody
> having a problem with beginning all six of these names with "Saint".
> The "St" abbreviation may particularly problematic for data consumers as
> it could mean Street, Saint, or if you check out the Wikipedia
> disambiguation page, dozens of other things.  Sure it's obvious to a human
> that there is no city called Street Thomas, but a computer might have a bit
> of trouble there.  And don't get me started on the absurdity that St is a
> contraction, not an abbreviation.
> I'm not going to rush out and change any existing tagging but I think this
> is one instance where rational thought needs to override tradition.
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> Sent: February 16, 2018 4:03 PM
> To: Jarek PiĆ³rkowski; talk-ca
> Subject: Re: [Talk-ca] Formatting of Municipality Names
> I stand corrected, thank you everybody.
> BTW I do my best not to abbreviate thinks like "DC" for District of
> Columbia, but I now better understand that "St." in many cases has now
> truly become the official name, abbreviation included.
> SteveA
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