[Talk-ca] Formatting of Municipality Names

Matthew Darwin matthew at mdarwin.ca
Sat Feb 17 00:13:02 UTC 2018

In my OSM map updates to remove of "City of" and similar prefixes from 
locality names, I will not be expanding any "St", "Ste" or any other 
abbreviations of those names.  If the name (minus the prefix to be 
removed) matches what is in NRCan database, I will remove the prefix; 
if it doesn't, I will bring it back up here for review.

I occasionally get "Saint John, NB" and "St. John's, NL" confused, so 
personally I do not want the city name in Newfoundland expanded to add 
to my confusion.   :-)

What's your favourite locality name in Canada?  I have to go with 
"Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!"

On 2018-02-16 05:56 PM, Jarek Piórkowski wrote:
> With "street" in a street name, it's clear to most everyone that 
> Pine St is an abbreviation and Pine Street is the correct 
> unabbreviated Canadian English version. It is not clear to me that 
> "Saint Catharines" is the correct unabbreviated version of the 
> city's name. In fact it looks incorrect to me.

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