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I can speak to Maple, living a few km north of it.  The OSM wiki states:—CLIP—Use place=suburb to identify a major area in a place=town or place=city with a distinct and recognised local name and identity. Suburbs may have uncertain boundaries, may overlap with other suburbs, and are often best mapped using a node.For areas within a suburb, the tag place=neighbourhood will usually be used. If necessary, place=quarter may be used for an area of a large settlement which is smaller than a suburb and larger than a neighbourhood.—END CLIP—and on that basis I'd say yes, Maple is definitely a suburb of Vaughan, as are 1/2 of Thornhill, Concord, Woodbridge, and Kleinburg.  Purpleville and Nashville should likely be classified as neighbourhoods, and Hope and Burrlington (note double "r") as pioneer communities.
16796 Town of Markham, has been a city for a few years.
Bill Patterson

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 The following 2 are not changed, as per my previous comment that I will not update the name if it does not exist in NRCan without further review here.
 1)      3 City of Vaughan (Maple)
 Probably "Maple" should in the addr:suburb field instead? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple,_Ontario
 2)   6165 City of Prince Edward County
 There is a "Prince Edward" as a City in Ontario not "Prince Edward County" as a city. Need to drop the word "County"  http://www4.rncan.gc.ca/search-place-names/unique/FEQSA
 Edits are in progress for the other cities that I previously listed...
 Next up, towns:
   16796 Town of Markham
   11080 Town of Fort Erie
   10641 Town of Whitby
    7441 Town of Ajax
    7389 Town of Milton
    7025 Town of Lincoln
    6689 Town of Caledon
    6460 Town of Niagara-On-The-Lake
    5995 Town of Georgina
    5947 Town of Innisfil
    5886 Town of Newmarket
    5827 Town of Halton Hills
    5381 Town of Lakeshore
    5036 Town of Pelham
    4914 Town of South Bruce Peninsula
    4796 Town of Wasaga Beach
    4680 Town of Grimsby
    4474 Town of Essex
    4405 Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville
    4244 Town of Aurora
    4127 Town of Saugeen Shores
    3803 Town of New Tecumseth
    3720 Town of Collingwood
    3574 Town of Kingsville
    3188 Town of Amherstburg
    3097 Town of Tecumseh
    3053 Town of the Blue Mountains
    3050 Town of Greater Napanee
    2927 Town of Gravenhurst
    2837 Town of Midland
    2689 Town of Tillsonburg
    2667 Town of East Gwillimbury
    2600 Town of Lasalle
    2542 Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
    2390 Town of Cobourg
    2201 Town of Plympton-Wyoming
    1993 Town of Erin
    1751 Town of Smiths Falls
    1648 Town of Ingersoll
    1587 Town of Penetanguishene
    1527 Town of Mono
    1506 Town Of Petawawa
    1416 Town of Hanover
    1388 Town of Huntsville
    1328 Town of Mississippi Mills
    1219 Town Of Kirkland Lake
    1217 Town of Hawkesbury
    1113 Town Of Kapuskasing
    1105 Town of Petrolia
    1043 Town of Perth
     982 Town of Parry Sound
     917 Town of Gananoque
     914 Town of Prescott
     897 Town Of Hearst
     847 Town of Espanola
     803 Town Of Iroquois Falls
     792 Town of Minto
     784 Town of Aylmer
     715 Town of Marathon
     706 Town Of Cochrane
     673 Town of Shelburne
     669 Town of Carleton Place
     528 Town of Arnprior
     505 Town of Kearney
     492 Town Of Deep River
     436 Town of Blind River
     409 Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands
     398 Town of Deseronto
     396 Town of Bracebridge
     326 Town Of Thessalon
     278 Town Of Bruce Mines
     256 Town Of Smooth Rock Falls
     256 Town Of Blind River
     238 Town of Gore Bay
     218 Town of Deep River
     211 Town of Spanish
      92 Town Of Laurentian Hills
      90 Town of St. Marys
      14 Town of Caledon (Bolton)
      14 Town Of Bancroft
       7 Town of Laurentian Hills
       5 Town Of Spanish
       2 Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville (Stouffville)
       2 Town of Caledon (Sandhill)
       1 Town of Saugeen Shores (Southampton)
       1 Town of Mono (Rosemont)
       1 Town of Huntsville (Port Sydney)
       1 Town of Clarington (Enniskillen)
 On 2018-02-16 12:41 PM, Matthew Darwin wrote:
To start the cleanup process, the following Ontario cities are being changed (remove "City of" or "City Of").   Once that is done, I'll come back with the next batch to process...
  The idea to remove the city name in its entirety will require careful consideration to ensure the necessary boundary relations are in place and of course more discussion to see if people are comfortable to proceed on that kind of activity.
   110707 City of Toronto
   45716 City of Hamilton
   27234 City of London
   25393 City of Brampton
   17251 City of Vaughan
   16929 City of St. Catharines
   16592 City of Kawartha Lakes
   16087 City of Thunder Bay
   14787 City of Niagara Falls
   13966 City of Kingston
   12085 City of Oshawa
   11321 City of Barrie
   10981 City of Burlington
   10347 City of Guelph
    9666 City of Brantford
    9384 City of Sarnia
    9102 City of Windsor
    9044 City Of Sault Ste. Marie
    8263 City of Peterborough
    7819 City of Quinte West
    7593 City of Welland
    6753 City of Pickering
    6608 City of Greater Sudbury
    6375 City Of Greater Sudbury
    6239 City of Belleville
    6165 City of Prince Edward County
    5696 City of Cornwall
    5269 City Of Timmins
    4877 City of Port Colborne
    4208 City of Woodstock
    3971 City of Thorold
    3692 City of St. Thomas
    3603 City of Cambridge
    3529 City of Orillia
    3355 City of Brockville
    3098 City of Owen Sound
    2733 City of Clarence-Rockland
    2377 City Of Pembroke
    1549 City Of Dryden
     871 City of Kenora
     766 City Of Elliot Lake
     544 City of Elliot Lake
     302 City of Waterloo
     241 City of North Bay
      78 City of Kitchener
      47 City of Markham
      18 City of Timmins
       3 City of Vaughan (Maple)
       2 City of Sault Ste. Marie
  On 2018-02-12 09:13 PM, Kevin Farrugia wrote:
 Bernie is correct.  "City of", "Municipality of", "x County" is a legal name that would be referring to the legal entity itself (the Government) rather than the place.  The place should just be Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga etc.. 
  The data source these legal names comes from has the legal name as it's usually establishing the jurisdiction that contains the road.  The address ranges are derived from the road system, so it's just been copied over.  
  -Kevin Farrugia
 kevinfarrugia at gmail.com  
 On 12 February 2018 at 21:02, Bernie Connors <bernie.connors at unb.ca> wrote:
  I see the use of "City of" as indicating the official name of a municipality as it is defined in legislation. Here in New Brunswick the Municipalities Act‎ defines the official names of municipalities. Some opt to use "City of ", "Town of ", etc in the Municipalities Act and some don't. But when it comes to names on maps we should be more concerned with toponyms and not official names. The use of "City of ", "Town of ", etc is very rare in toponyms.  Here is a query on the Canadian Geographic Names Database searching for the term "of" in the "populated places" category - http://www4.rncan.gc.ca/ search-place-names/search?q= of&theme%5B%5D=985&category=O
  I only see two examples that include "City of ", "Town of ", etc across the entire country: City of Brant, ON Village of Queen Charlotte, BC 
 On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 7:45 PM, OSM Volunteer stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:
I smell a harmonization with admin_level...not that there's anything wrong with that.
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