[Talk-ca] Importing buildings in Canada

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 15:44:07 UTC 2019

>From memory we have imported Ottawa's buildings under the correct license
(Stat Can so the federal government's open data license) and the quality
was deemed acceptable by the local mappers.

Then we opened up a second import plan to import buildings and a fair
number were imported.  This included an task manager set up with tiles to
assist the mapping.

The data sources were different as each municipality created their own

My understanding is some mappers thought the data should be preprocessed
and two or three were going to come up with a plan to preprocess the data.

About that time an American mapper, Nate, who was living in Toronto took
exception to 1,000,000 buildings being imported in Western Canada and
requested the DWG to remove them without waiting for discussion on talk-ca
to address his concerns.

We do have three sources of correctly licensed data, the Stat Can data
sets, the Microsoft data sets, and the NR Canada LiDAR data.

I do know that a number of departments and agencies would like to use
buildings and although they can use the open data sources using OSM would
be more convenient.

I'm not sure what if anything is happening at the moment.

Are we expecting local groups to draw up their own import plan as Ottawa
did since we seem to be unable to get a consensus across Canada?

My gut feeling is with three sources of data we'll see new mappers
importing in buildings without going through an import process.  Are we
content to let that happen?

Have whoever it was who was going to come up with a preprocessing plan done
so?  Has it been accepted by the rest of us?

I note that Pierre has noted there is now a validation process in JOSM for
correcting buildings that are not quite 90 degrees on the corners.  Would
an acceptable approach be to import then return to check the angles on the
corners and correct them?

Does Nate still have unaddressed concerns about buildings being imported in
Western Canada?

Can we get a consensus about what to do next?

Thanks John
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