[Talk-cl] informacion de referncia para ayuda en mapedo de Haiti

eduardo kazt kazt567 en hotmail.com
Mie Ene 13 23:27:38 GMT 2010

Me ha llegado este correo  quienes deseen ayudar tener en referencia tambien la wiki de Haiti de OSM


David William Bitner wrote: 

Are there any members of this group actively working on pulling together imagery for Haiti?  If so, I would appreciate it if you could update this list with the work you are doing.  We have a lot of expertise in this group that we can potentially leverage to help in this response and a lot of people from this list who will be responding in other capacities. 

Jeff Johnson has been tackling this since last night:


That has the 4 port au prince sheets ... this is just a basic 4 point
warp on the corners, so let me spend some more time on it tomorrow
before having anyone digitize from this, but that should be good
enough to go ahead and cache and stand up into a basic app for now.
Just dont think its accurate enough for digitizing.


Mikel asked about putting up a TileCache. 

UNOSAT is doing some captures now and will share out the imagery.

OpenStreetMap resources: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Haiti



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