[Talk-cl] OpenStreetMap + Ushahidi-Chile in the works + partnerships

Julio Costa Zambelli julio.costa en openstreetmap.cl
Lun Mar 1 02:26:01 GMT 2010

Yes, I do know Chillan, Cobquecura, Buchupureo, Dichato, and pretty much the
southern part of the area affected (My mother, brother and grandparents live
in Chillan).

I think that we can make a list of cities and towns around the epicentre and
start mapping from the centre to the more remote ones. There are plenty of
small town right near to the epicentre, most of them affected by the tsunami
(the ones right by the sea) and many more inland with infraestructure

I am organizing some training sessions for people with knowledge from the
most affected areas but living in Santiago. The idea is that they learn to
use Potlatch to add all that stuff that can not be added from the aerial
imagery, i.e.: Street names, hospitals, schools, police stations,
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. to OpenStreetMap. I will keep you
informed on the progress of this.


Julio Costa

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:17 PM, Jean-Guilhem Cailton <jgc en arkemie.com>wrote:

> Do you have ideas of things to do / tasks ?
> I think satellite imagery should be available "soon" for tracing.
> Do you guys know the impacted area ?
> Maybe you could plan some kind of work plan for volunteers to help ?
> (e.g. with a wiki page, or a shared spreadsheet on Google Doc)
> How to split the work ? By area ?
> What would be priority themes ?
> Locate damages announced in the news ? (Damaged roads, collapsed bridges,
> maybe damaged buildings ? )
> How to coordinate ? talk-cl (OSM specific), crisismappers-chile (more
> general, e.g. also including Ushahidi), osm-talk (to get general OSM
> attention) ?
> Is there an IRC channel ?
> (The most relevant I am aware of might be #crisiscommons on irc.rhok.org
> Of course, there is also #osm on oftc.net, for OSM stuff)
> Best
> (puedo hablar espanol o traducir si es mejor /
> I can help translating to / from Spanish)
> Jean-Guilhem
> Toulouse, France
> OpenStreetMap volunteer
> (Experience with Haiti mapping - especially regarding health facilities,
> PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) Master List, etc.
> professionally works with satellite images - research and software
> development for image analysis, segmentation...)
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