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Vie Mar 5 18:43:45 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I live in Punta Arenas, work in tourism (tour operator and guest house) 
and have a bunch of connections to people who run hostels etc. There 
could be good possibilities to ask hostel guest who are coming to Chile 
to bring these devices.

I didn't follow the whole conversation, sorry... How many devices are we 
talking about? Is anybody familiar with customs procedures - presuming 
we're talking about more than 1 or 2 units someone would bring and I 
don't know who easy that would be and of course we wouldn't want to have 
someone go through a buncha trouble, if we're asking for help.

What do you think?


Sophia Liu schrieb:
> Hi Mikel,
> Thank you for finding GPS units. I will talk to my contacts to see how 
> we can transport these units to Chile. When you purchase these units, 
> where will they be coming from? I will check to see if my contact in 
> Pittsburgh has friends going to Chile.
> I did receive your other email and will coordinate with Julio when I 
> find the contacts who can bring the units to him.
> Thank you for this, Sophia
> On Mar 5, 2010, at 2:40 AM, Mikel Maron wrote:
>> Hi Sophia
>> OpenStreetMap has some resources to purchase GPS units for use by OSM 
>> Chile and CrisisCamp Chile. 
>> We need to coordinate with someone in the US to receive the units, 
>> and bring them with them to Chile (mail is going to be too long).
>> Would that be possible for your friends at CMU?
>> Mikel
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>> *Request for Cameraphones, Cheap GPS-devices, Smartphones, etc.*
>> I have a contact in Pittsburgh (@favilar) and he is interested in 
>> getting involved with Crisis Camp. He has a lot of contacts in Chile 
>> that are ex classmates and ex coworkers in the public and private 
>> sector and some others.
>> He also has a Chilean friend at Carnegie Mellon University working on 
>> project to help Chile. They are wondering if there are companies 
>> willing to donate smartphones, cameraphones or cheap GPS devices so 
>> that they can be given to volunteers working with local NGOs and/or 
>> professional associations and others wanting to help in Chile on the 
>> ground. They are working on the details but essentially they want to 
>> allow people to take geotagged photos of damages or other relevant 
>> disaster information. Let me know if you have any contacts willing to 
>> donate such devices.
>> They also would be interested in working with Google in Pittsburgh 
>> but they do not have any contacts there. Do any of you have contacts 
>> at the Google Pittsburgh office?
>> Thanks, Sophia
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