[Talk-cl] GeoEye imagery??

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Chris Nicolas's email is referenced on the wiki, saying that GeoEye imagery can be used in OSM.


ps Agree that some kind of restricted access may be the way forward

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There was this message containing the URL of an available WMS:


Is there a written statement from GeoEye anywhere that OSM is allowed
to use this imagery for tracing ?

(For the future, one could imagine protected WMS access control, e.g.
restricted to OSM, but we would have to make sure OSM tools (JOSM,
etc.) are ready for it before. And well tested, because, afaik, this
feature of OGC services is less used than others, introduces
complexity, and thus might be bug-prone for now, including in "well
established" servers).



Mikel Maron a écrit : 
>have access to it, but are we using it? Are there tiles?
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